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As an editor and writing instructor, I focus primarily on helping aspiring writers develop their story ideas into longer novels as well as assist seasoned writers in polishing their manuscripts for publication. I also help businesses develop content on their websites and produce engaging content for their social media platforms. I am also hired to proofread 

articles and essays for print and digital publication.


My MFA in creative writing and my ten years of teaching experience have given me an edge with my craft. I truly enjoy teaching and editing and my enthusiasm shows in the amount of constructive feedback and suggestions that I share with each client.


Many of my clients that are working on novels require that I am both writing coach and editor in order to help them bring their creative ideas to fruition. I enjoy this process as I am able to walk a writer from the beginning stages of development to completion through either private writing coaching or through the participation in my online courses First 10 pages with Sorina Fant. I challenge my clients and guide them in finding their writer's voice until they have produced a final body of work that they are proud of.  



For clients that need editing services for their websites, I am able to help convey their message and tell their story to ensure high traffic to their site. 


I enjoy meeting my clients where they in their process with whatever project they are working on or writing goal that they are reaching for and cater a plan to help them produce their best work.


Please contact me via email at if in need of editing services. 


Sorina Fant -
Sorina Fant -

"Working with editor Sorina Fant was a very productive experience. She was able to provide detailed but concise editorial advice and worked efficiently in a short period of time. The edits she advised were insightful and valuable to the production of our third children's picture book at Scribbles & Rhymes. Thank you so much Sorina and look forward to working with you again!"


Shawna Lee Campbell

Founder and Creative Director at Scribbles & Rhymes

"Sorina breathed new life into my work. I forwarded her a story from my novel of intersecting stories, with very little direction. I just needed help. She provided direction, recommendations, and love for my plot and characters. Her fresh perspective made me excited about my own work. Sorina is also accessible, which is of ultimate importance to me. Her follow-up to my questions / whining was impeccable. I will definitely work with her again."


Amber M.

"I got it back from Sorina Fant yesterday, and her suggestions were everything I'd been hoping for. She picked up on the things I missed, and I know her insights are going to prove invaluable for making this next installment in the series the best yet. The recommendations she gave me will carry over into all my future work and her suggestions have already sharpened my writing skills. Her advice was like the missing piece of a puzzle. It's like I could intuit a tool missing from my arsenal but I couldn't quite discern what it was and she found it for me. I highly recommend her services." 


Lucille Moncrief

"Sorina is an editor in the purest definition of the word, but she is like a skilled surgeon when editing. When you entrust her with your body of work it will go through a literary/artistic CAT Scan. She will uncover all ailments your work needs or is lacking. She will also reveal to you your strengths and capabilities as a writer to encourage you to heal your body of work. She is professional, passionate and proficient. I highly recommend you seek out Sorina Fant for consultation."


Erik I. 

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