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I am constantly on the hunt for new 

amazing products, useful websites, 

educational tools, inspiration writers, 

artists, etc. When I come across these 

jewels, I have to share them! My FYI 

page will constantly be updated with 

new, helpful information for you and 

your family so check back often.



Zelza Zero

From their site: "Worthless", the first in the series introduces Zelza Zero, a little zero that attends Digits Elementary School. She is the only zero at her school, and begins to wonder about her worth. Zelza and her classmates learn that everyone has value, no matter who they are. This book makes for a nice introduction to helping kids understand self-worth and early exposure to STEM education. The book is 24 pages and was written by Andre Morgan and Jennifer Smith.This book is amazing and the perfect addition to your child’s library.



Alice Hampton Dickerson

Educational apps are a necessary tool as we learn French as a family and this site has several amazing, bilingual apps (French/English, Spanish/English and Italian/English) that are ideal learning resources for your little ones. 


Sorina Fant -
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