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1997... Who Knew?

I started believing in fate because of us. Nothing about this could be considered chance. It was planned… it was all planned. How could it not be? I wished for us many moons ago because it was already in my heart - I saw it clearly. We were brought together before we met.

5 years in… 5,000 more to go.

And without knowing it back in the summer of 1997, this was where we were headed… where we were going to be. 3,000 miles apart our entire lives and a “random” summer made this? Who knew?

But we are here and I’m grateful.

Through the terrible introduction and hand written letters scribbled during boring high school classes before emailing was popular... And 10-minute phone conversations that turned into 4 hours. And a friendship – a true friendship. And flights to California. To Kentucky. And Georgia. And Texas… and anywhere we could find a cheap flight to travel to see each other. And buckets of faith that long distance relationships work. And your one suitcase when you moved to LA. And that beautiful Savannah wedding. Those vows. Our plans then... our plans now...

All of it… everything…

And them. Those amazing little beings that we created. They were planned to. Our girls belonged to us way back in 1997 and we didn’t even know… we had no idea how great it all would be.

Who knew?

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