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Write and Dine with Sorina Fant is a delicious writing workshop that pairs food with fun, engaging writing activities. Similar to popular paint and wine workshops, Write and Dine with Sorina Fant, offers a creative space with delicious treats from awesome restaurants throughout Los Angeles. Each restaurant will showcase a specialty dish and the writing exercises will complement the food and the environment. This is an ideal activity for seasoned and aspiring writers or people that just want to have fun creating, eating and trying something new. 


Write and Dine with Sorina Fant began in Los Angeles and I enjoyed working with the Southern California participants. But now I am located in Atlanta, GA and look forward to bringing my engaging workshops to this amazing city! I am looking forward to working with Atlanta area restaurants to give participants a unique Write and Dine with Sorina Fant experience. My workshops will have you not only well fed but inspired to continue to write.


Everyone has a beautiful story to tell and everyone needs to eat. :) Come and enjoy both at a Write and Dine workshop soon!


I am also open to hosting a Write and Dine workshop with a company interested in a beneficial professional development activity that focuses on team-building through writing. 


Email me at if you have any questions or if you are a restaurant looking to host a Write and Dine event. 


Thank you! 

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Sorina Fant -

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